About HH4H

Healthy Hearts for the Homeless (HH4H) is a community hub for people experiencing homelessness and heart disease. It was built to highlight and advocate for the unmet health needs of this community and for all to learn from, whether you have lived experience of homelessness, or are a shelter staff, outreach worker, allied health professional, and or family member/friend. 


Importantly, this hub has been created FOR people, BY people with lived experience. 


Our mission is to learn together: share relevant information in the literature and in the community, broaden our network internationally, improve healthcare service delivery models, and advocate for change.

We currently sit in Toronto, but are slowly expanding with health champions in the USA, UK and Australia. 


We all deserve to have a healthy heart. 


  • Anti-Oppressive: Care that does not tolerate discriminatory or oppressive behaviours, dismantles power relations, and encourages team members to continually reflect on ways in which their own social identity can impact the work.

  • Trauma-Informed: Care that shifts the dialogue from “What is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”, ensuring that we avoid re-traumatization and work towards an environment that is safe, trustworthy, and empowering to all individuals.

  • Low-Barrier: Care that works to be inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to all and actively seeks to eliminate personal or societal barriers from participating in a way that is meaningful.

  • Action-Oriented: Care that does not describe/theorize, but acts. Let’s do something about it.